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    In the name of God; the Most Merciful, the Infinitely Compassionate

    Our Revamped and Redesigned Web Site Awaits You with New Features

    And Now, For the First Time, With a New Watch Live Feature

    In keeping with our position a pioneer in the world of digital media, and in response to feedback from viewers and partners, the Ahlulbayt Television Network is proud to inaugurate the first phase of its renovated and expanded web site.

    One of the most sought after services is the live webcast, which extends the channel's reach beyond the 3 digital satellites and into every computer with a simple broadband internet connection.

    Feel free to explore the new site and send us your comments and suggestions so we can continue to provide cutting edge services to our dear viewers.

    Yet another step to bring the "Holy Household to Every Household"

    Also, don't forget that we would love to hear from you if you have found healing, peace, or come to know God or the the Holy Household better through our broadcasts. Please do write in to tell us or sign our new testimonial section on the site. You may have abandoned a bad habit, performed a good deed, or even fallen in love with Ahlulbayt, through Ahlulbayt TV.

    Since the launch of Ahlulbayt TV many people have written to us with inspiring stories about how they've been touched by the light of Ahlulbayt. We would so LOVE to hear about how God has used this channel - the first of its kind - to enlighten paths and enrich or transform lives.

    Thank You

    Ahlulbayt TV
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    Merci beaucoup à tout les responsables de cette chaine et son présentateur Hassan Lahyari et qui montrent les vérités historiques, preuves à l'appui à chaque fois à partir de différents livres, baraka Allahou fihim

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